What is Archery tag?

  • Archery Tag

    Archery Tag has been running In Australia Since December 2013. Armstrong Tag Archery was the first business to bring Archery Tag and S.A.F.E Archery to Australia. Archery Tag is the newest and hottest family friendly combat sport that can be played indoors or out and utilises archery with patented foam-tipped arrows to play the game. The game is played with two opposing teams. The object is to knock out all of the targets in the oppositions field or elimitate all opposing players by hitting them with an "Archery Tag" arrow. A 6 meter hit will feel a little like a flat tennis ball hitting you. You know you got hit: No bruise no damage just a load of fun. Archery Tag can be played just about anywhere indoors or outdoors - any sports field, tennis courts, open paddock, conference hall, basketball court etc. Open Space approval required for public space.

    Age range - Archery tag is for 12 years and up for open events. We can bend the rules for family groups. We have had a 73rd birthday and hope we see all generations have the opportunity to shoot each other.

  • Armstrong Tag Archery

    Armstrong Tag Archery is the first business in Australia to conduct Archery Tag games. We are located in NSW on the Central Coast at Tumbi Umbi. We are approximately 1 hour north of Sydney. We will travel to your events fetes, parties, corporate bonding days, school sports etc. Or book a local playing field.

  • Here is a great Video to watch