Kids Parties

    We now have a Hoverball Shooting Gallery that is perfect for your kids parties. The Hoverball Shooting Gallery provides a SAFE experience for all ages. It is suitable for your own yard or the local park if you obtain council permission. Age 8 upwards. Kids from about 8 years old can use the SAFE bows, Archery Tag Bows are suited to adult size arms and strength to be effective. With this in mind, We have come up with a variety of safe non combat games for the younger kids that will both teach them about archery and test their skills. We can adjust the games to suit your kids ability and age. It's your party so we will work with you to make it as much fun as possible. We are open to new ideas and would value your feed back.

    Other Fun Games

    Target Test

    Two targets are set in front of two teams, The teams shoot to knock the 5 dots from their target to win.

    Skeet Shoot

    Every one lines up to try and shoot a foam skeet from the sky.

    Duck shoot

    Mum, Dad and any other volunteer Parent don a mask and whatever silly hats you have. They the kids get to shoot the parents. The duck can be any costume you may like to provide. The Duck/s will be required to wear our approved masks that you can decorate to suit your theme. Don't panic 8 year old's shooting you will feel like water off a ducks back. Kid's love to shoot "Mum and Dad", Big sister, brother, etc. The giggle of an 8yo calling out "I just shot mum" is really infectious.

    Parents Shoot

    If there is time after the party and enough curious parents - Have a try. We'll be happy to show you what Archery Tag is Really about. Really, at the end of a kids birthday party, who doesn't want to shoot their spouse?


    Hoverball only $160 first hour $80 per hour after. Hoverball Shooting Gallery and Archery tag Activities $180 first hour $90 per hour after. Travel time outside the central coast $60 per hour.