Kids Parties

Target test

Two targets are set in front of two teams. The teams shoot to knock the 5 dots from their target to win. Here, the dots are different colours, kept at length. Normally, the length tends to be 18 metres indoor and within 30-90 metres outdoor. Equipment style and archer’s age play a role in determining the length.

Skeet shoot

Every one lines up to try and shoot a foam skeet from the sky. In this particular game, participants make use of shotguns and try to break clay targets which are mechanically thrown up in the air from a couple of fixed stations at very high speed from all different kinds of angles.

Duck shoot

Mom, Dad and any other volunteer parent don a mask along with the silly hats you might have. Then the kids have to shoot at their parents. The duck can wear any type of costume which you would like to provide. Duck/s would have to wear our approved masks which you can customize to fit your theme.

Parents shoot

If there is time after the party and enough curious parents - Have a try. We'll be happy to show you what Archery Tag is Really about. Really, at the end of a kids birthday party, who doesn't want to shoot their spouse?

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Simulated archery combat using rubber tipped arrows in a safe and fun environment!

Our Events & Venue

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Lost Property: Please call us if you think you have left an item behind. We do hold found items for several weeks. Unclaimed items will be put in the donation bin after three or four weeks.

Field Address_

We currently use Bateau Bay Tennis Courts . Mobile games can be arranged at your property.

Phone : 02 4389 2606

Mobile : 0419 486 034

Age range - Archery tag is for 12 years and up for open events. We can bend the rules for family groups. We have had a 73rd birthday and hope we see all generations have the opportunity to shoot each other.


A waiver form will need to be signed by each participant or by the parent if under 18. We have a group waiver sign in sheet on the day. It states that anyone signing has read the waiver form Waiver For large groups it might be worthwhile completing the waiver form or group form and bring it on the day or email in advance.

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